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Hybrid Creative Agency

FEER McQUEEN is a hybrid creative agency, part of FLAG M Group, established in 2011 to make a creative impact.

Our Vision

Our main vision is to use our talent and expertise to reach all creative fields and enhance all aspects of design, advertising and marketing.



We create with love

The Extra Mile

When it comes to our clients, our relationship with them is the hloy grail of our daily workflow. Not only do we have their interest at heart, but we always push ourselves to go the extra mile with them.

Our Expertise

In a fast growing and changing market, we constantly develop our expertise and anticipate the needs of our communities.

Our Impact

We are committed to providing our customers with our won trends and innovative, in-house, 360 marketing and communication services, based on our human talents, while continuously improving our knowledge and management system, in order to meet projects needs and let your brand make an impact.



At FEER McQUEEN, we believe in a pragmatic approach to every project. The market is changing, and the model is changing, hence we need to think and act fast, while making sure that your brand shines among the competition.


Not only do we need to think fast, but we also need to think with a whole new approach. We anticipate market needs, and consequently market trends, in order to give your brand the 'WOW factor' it deserves and help it make an impact.


We look at our clients from a partner’s perspective. Not only do we build brands with them, but we also build beautiful and honest relationships together.

Here is the long boring list of all our services.

  • Content Marketing

    Nowadays, we can’t detach any of the above services from content. After all, in this era we are living in, content is key.
    We create content that not only makes your brand shine, but also turns it into a story, one that builds relationships with your audiences. We believe in the harmony between all of our departments in order to come up with content that blends offline with online, and leads to a strong brand presence. From newsletters and blogs, to videos, miniseries, guerilla marketing, and activations, we implement the most suitable media mix to tell your story.

  • Studio

    Our studio is where shoots of different nature take place to deliver great visual content for your brand. We create social videos, from recipes to DIYs and event coverage. In addition, we handle photo shoots from A to Z, for advertising product showcases and editorials. We also create documentaries and corporate movies to highlight client achievements and share them with the world.

  • Digital

    Creating online user experiences that build relationships with brands is a passion of ours. Adopting a content marketing mindset, we create the most adequate strategy for each brand that spans across various channels, depending on each objective and goal. Long story short, we tell every brand's story to the right audience. From user-friendly responsive websites, to social media, Google marketing, and other tools, we put in line holistic brand experiences. Not to mention technology, which plays a key role in every strategy, adding a disruptive approach to the way we do marketing.

  • Creative

    Our design department is where your brand's image and identity are born. We start with extensive research to create concepts that best fit your company and its values. From logo creation to branding and packaging, we guarantee a complete brand experience.
    In addition, we conceive well thought out advertising campaigns that keep your brand in the top of mind awareness level.

  • Animation

    Animation is another pillar of our success. With 2D and 3D movies and segments, we translate your brand into beautiful visual communication that gives it a mark of distinction among the competition. We handle everything from creating the concept to writing the story and script, and then we implement it all into visuals and sounds.

  • Technology

    Innovation is a culture we aim to strengthen every day at FEER McQUEEN. Our technology department is where experimentation and new creations happen.
    We take your brand experience further with interactive booths, VR, and AR, among other novelties. In addition, we cater to all development needs, whether for Apps, websites, landing pages, or any other online material.

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Beirut Head Office, St. Elia Neighborhood
Street 6, Sector 1, Jeita, Lebanon

+ 961 9 232 893

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  • Our Reception: The place where we meet you, greet you with love and a recycled cactus.

  • Our Creative Lab: Where out Mad Men (and women) get their groove on.

  • Our ADC: Where a tall woman, and a shorter one paint on walls, drink diet Pepsi and struggle to keep The Walking Creatives under control.

  • Our Digital Room: You’d think it was built with binary coding but it’s not. It’s a normal room with actual walls where virtual activities take place.

  • Our Aquarium: A cool glass room where fish are the last thing you’d expect to find.

  • The Smiley Hallway: The happiest hallway of all-time.

  • Our Creative Director’s Office: The most humble space in the office; where the boss stacks empty bottles of Moet champagne on the shelves. / The room where the Boss spends most of his time trying to keep this whole mess together.