Jeita Country ClubX

Branding,Graphic Design,Print Design

Set on the crest of 140 000 square meters in a lush, green, pine tree reserve, JCC is an ideal and happy community that celebrates health and vitality through sports and social activities in a friendly and safe environment JCC boasts an array of services making it a self-sufficient community such as sports center, Olympic and indoor pool, Hospitality and social services as well as kids’ playgrounds. It is all about JCC\'s environment, the green valleys surrounding it, the blue sky above it, and the water beneath it: a major factor in the existence of JCC and its success in being a destination for a wide audience. The treatment is very light and transparent, which reflects the core values of JCC and the family that established it. In this approach we are highlighting and celebrating the element of nature, by giving the whole identity a fresh and vivid look, very inviting for people who need an escape from the cities.

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